Mixer มิกซ์เซอร์ 4 ช่อง มี Bluetooth MP3 USB ใช้ในรถได้ (FANNY) ของใหม่

Professional 4-channel mixing console and monitor paths plus effects processor

1. Record : USB or Computer
2. Bluetooth: 4-8 meters
3. MP3 Player: mp3, flac, etc.
4. Effects: Delay and Repeat

- 4 channel mixing console with two mono channels and one stereo tape channel.
- AUX bus main channel output
- One AUX output and backtrack
- 2 band EQ for each input channel
- Built-in professional reverb
- 2 bus electronic balanced display
- With input gain and high bass adjustment, built-in +48V phantom power, high-definition headset putput port, MP3 broadcast
- Sound card function for the computer.
- Can be connected to PC's USB port power supply and the computer through the USB power supply.
- Mobile power or USB AC/DC can be used
- XLR plug and phone type plug can be connected what you want to use microphone or instrument
- Stereo input jack used to connect กดเพื่อดู Line: xxxxx instruments such as electronic keyboards and audio equipment. Two types of jacks are available: phone type and RCA pin type
- Low noise on all microphone input
- Adjustable input signal, channel treble/bass tone,signal sizse, main output level, size of headset volume, echo repetition frequency and effect echo repeat time interval
- Monitor and effects paths as well as separate gain controls on all channel
- Headphones output with dedicated volume control
- Built-in +48V phantom power for condenser mics
- MP3 function keys to be witched LINE/BT/PC working status and turned loop play mode
- The group of recording terminal ports for a stereo input out connection to the recording interface
- Use fo home music production, webcast, K song and other need

Channel: 2 Mono+1 Stereo
Effects: DELAY
Main out: 1
Groups: no
Phantom power: 48V DC
USB player : yes

Product Features

1) Connect to computer
a) Computer music to mixer
b) Mixer sound to computer
c) Computer music and Mixer sound all can be recorded in computer by record program.

2) Mixer section
Input Channel Sensitivity:
MIC: -60dB
Setreo CH.Input: -40dB
EFX send: -20dB
EFF,return: -20dB
Outputs: 4V MAX.
Signal to noise ratio: -80dB
Parametric EQ: High: +-15dB/12KHZ
Low: +-15dB/60HZ

3) Overall system

Total Harmonic Distortion: <=0.1%
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz/+-0.5dB
S/N ratio: >= -80dB
MAX. Outputs: 4V/MAX
Input/Output impedance: MIC: 2.4 KOhm
Mono: 11 KOhm
Stereo: 100 KOhm
Parametric EQ: High: 12KHz +- 15dB
Low: 80Hz/+-15dB

- มิกเซอร์
- สาย USB
- อแดปเตอร์ USB
- สายสัญญาณ 3.5 ม.ม. ->> 2 RCA
- สายสัญญาณ 2 RCA. ->> 2 RCA
- สายแยก 3.5 ม.ม. เข้า 1 ออก 2


กดเพื่อดู Line: xxxxx

1,130ราคารวมมูลค่าของแถมแล้ว (ถ้ามี)


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