Boss GT-1000

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi effects

มัลติเอฟเฟก Boss GT-1000
ราคา 31,000 บาท
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32-bit AD / DA
32-bit floating-point processor and 96 kHz sampling rate
New BOSS DSP engine, specially developed for audio applications
AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) brings BOSS's Tube Logic concept to a digital guitar processor
Allows natural integration of external devices
Extremely dynamically playable amplifiers
Massive selection of effects including BOSS MDP effects such as DD-500, MD-500, RV-500
Amplifiers and effects can be interconnected serially and in parallel
Fast switching of patches with delay / reverb "carryover function"
Innovative stomp box features
Easy operation with a large display and 6 assignable switches
10 Footswitches, integrated freely assignable expression pedal and coloured LEDs

High-resolution tuner in 2 display modes
Mono or polyphonic mode of operation
Jack output
XLR sub output with independent AIRD selection
Loop-in paths for external stereo or mono effects
Supports external control via footswitch, expression pedal, MIDI, and USB
Bluetooth for wireless editing of iOS and Android devices
USB audio / MIDI interface for computer-based recording and editing
Dimensions (W x D x H): 462 x 248 x 70 mm
Weight: 3.6 kg


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