Martin D18s slope shoulder 1991

ขาย Martin D18s slope shoulder 1991
ขายถูกมากๆ ราคา 63,000 บาท สภาพดี
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Martin D-18S 1991
This is a great 12 fret Martin slope shoulder dreadnought. While much less common than a standard D-18 these guitars are dearly loved by players who own them. The 12 fret size repositions the bridge to allow more of the belly area of the top to vibrate resulting in a full bass response while maintaining clear trebles. These guitars are great for pick-style as well as fingerstyle playing. This particular guitar is in excellent condition and plays like a dream.

Solid spruce top
Solid mahogany back and sides
12 fret slope shoulder
Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

63,000ราคารวมมูลค่าของแถมแล้ว (ถ้ามี)


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