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เอฟเฟคกีต้าร์ Line 6 Helix


    มัลติเอฟเฟก กดเพื่อดู Line: xxxxx Helix
    ราคา 57,000 บาท
    สินค้าใหม่มือ 1


    Next generation dual DSP based HX Modeling Engine with 4 discreet stereo-signal paths
    45 Amps, 30 speakers, 16 microphones and 70 effects
    Imported IRs (impulse responses) with up to 1024 / 2048 samples
    12 Pressure sensitive foot switches for editing
    The Hands Free Pedal Edit mode sets the effects parameters onto the switch and expression pedal
    Near-Instant foot switch and controller assignment
    Up to 3 expression pedals
    CV/Expression output
    Amplifier switching output and extensive MIDI control
    Extensive inputs and outputs for the seamless integration of entire rigs
    10 Inputs, 12 outputs (including four FX loops)
    8 In / 8 Out USB audio interface
    AES / EBU, SPDIF and VDI interfaces
    123 dB Dynamic range on the guitar input for enormous depth and low noise
    Robust construction
    Dimensions (W x D x H): 55.8 x 30 x 8.5 cm
    Weight: 6.6 kg


    ติดต่อ [email protected] หรือ โทร. กดเพื่อดูเบอร์โทร xxxxxx883

    กดเพื่อดู Line: xxxxx

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