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ย่าม กะเหรี่ยง ผ้าทอ ชนเผ่า ปาเกอะญอ


    Description : Bag Handicraft Weave Handmade Karen Thailand Mountain People Natural Colors
    Condition : Handicraft

    Materail : Cotton
    Color : Multi Natural Color
    Size : 12’’ X 30’’
    Quantity : 1 pc
    Information :
    Karen are tribes that have many races, languages, and religions. But the original Karen will respect the spirits Believe in big forest trees After turning to Buddhism, etc., Karen settled in Burma. But after being invaded by war Therefore there are Karen who migrated to live in Thailand Karen living in Thailand Divided into 4 categories, divided into subgroups Karen Sako Or by calling oneself the name "Pagno", meaning "man or man" The Karen Sakae group is the most abundant. Have their own written language Karen Por is a group that is quite strict in the tradition of living in Chiang Mai. And the western region of Thailand The majority of traditional Karen are farmers, farming in the forest. Plant seasonal vegetables. The pet will be raised for food rather than trade. Live life depend on forests, rely on water, live in large groups
    The dress code for each group has its own distinct characteristics. Therefore, the nature of the dress is part of Which can clearly show the Karen identity of each place And each group The dress of the boy and girl Will be a sack dress White cotton Weave or embroider beautiful patterns For women who already have a family, they wear black, blue, and red robes in different sections. Decorated with millet or raised flowers. For Karen men, most often wear a long shirt to the hips. The shirt will be decorated with a color stripe, not embroidered like a women's shirt. Wearing pants Commonly used beads as jewelry And wearing silver bracelets or earrings

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