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ส่งฟรี หนังสือ Essential Arabic phrases book รูปที่ 1
ส่งฟรี หนังสือ Essential Arabic phrases book รูปที่ 2
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ส่งฟรี หนังสือ Essential Arabic phrases book

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A concise Arabic phrase book and guide to the Arabic Language, Essential Arabic contains basic vocabulary necessary for communicating in Arabic.Have you ever considered learning Arabic, but been put off by the unusual look of the script? Don't let yourself be scared away! The Arabic language has been called "the most eloquent, plain and deep of the meanings that might arise in one's mind." and with this concise and thoughtful phrasebook you will soon see why.As Arabic is an official language of 27 countries, many of them of strategic importance to the United States, it is no wonder that Arabic is the fastest-growing language taught at U.S. colleges and universities. Part of Tuttle Publishing's Essential Phrasebooks Series, Essential Arabic is a great first introduction and phrasebook for the language of the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. Perfect for business people or tourist traveling to the Middle East or for students who want to supplement their learning (and get an A in Arabic!), this book's easy indexing feature allows it to act as an Arabic phrasebook or as a Arabic to English Dictionary/ English to Arabic Dictionary. A clever "point to" feature allows you to simply point to a phrase translated in Arabic without the need to say a single word. You will soon find yourself turning to Essential Arabic again and again when visiting the Arab world and working or interacting with Arabic speakersIn this book you will find:Over 2000 practical sentences for everyday use.A glossary of over 200 terms and expressions.Latest Arabic vocabulary and Arabic phrases for smart phones, social media and more.สั่งซื้อแอด กดเพื่อดู Line: xxxxx อ่านเพิ่มเติม
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